Let Catalogue Staffing Solutions help you get were you want to be

Our mission and passion at Catalogue Staffing Solutions

A 100% BEE compliant agency is to create valuable long term partnerships with our clients by investing time to understand their business model, company culture, values and goals as well as vacancy requirements in order to source THE BEST candidates for the job at hand.

We tailor-make specific recruitment solutions based on our clients’ needs. We find that as our client’s business changes and grows the recruitment needs to also change. We believe that each requirement should be treated as unique and therefore the recruitment process is tailored to the clients specific needs at the time.

Catalogue Staffing Solutions is a business focused on the exclusive business needs of our clients. We welcome all enquires covering all appointments. Our recruitment team exudes honesty, enthusiasm, focus, commitment and a strong work ethic that motivates them to produce superior results in approach to ensure career and commercial success for our clients and candidates.